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Juggling Beanballs Set

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Makes every juggler feel like a pro!

Top-quality beanbags are ball-shaped and very dense, for a positive juggling experience. Brightly colored fabric has a slightly tacky texture, providing a solid grip for fewer mistakes. Stuffed with plastic pellets, so these balls won't roll away if dropped. Order Sets of 3 or 36 in Junior (2 ¼" dia / 6 cm) and Standard (2 ¾" dia / 7 cm) sizes. Includes instructions.


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Overall Rating
The 3rd-5th grade students seem to like these juggling balls with my introduction to juggling. I give them choices of using these juggling balls or koosh balls and they seem to easily gravitate to the juggling balls more so than the koosh balls. They are perfect size and weight to teach to beginners.
Anonymous - PE Professional
Edina , MN
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