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KidzPower™ & Teen Power Hydraulic Circuit Set

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Easy-to-use systems built to introduce kids and teens to strength training!

Sized specifically for children and teens, this commercial-quality equipment uses hydraulic cylinders for smooth, progressive resistance-great for all ages and abilities! Double-cocentric machines provide resistance in both directions (push/pull) during exercise. No adjustment on KidzPower™ machines is necessary, so students can hop on and start working out without having to deal with weight stacks. Teen Power machines have adjustable resistance and adjustable pads to fit a wide range of user sizes. Instructor-led circuit training instructions combine music with hydraulic resistance, aerobic exercise, sports, and games. Constructed of 1" x 3" or 2" x 2" steel tubing, with 2" thick high-density foam padding covered with super-thick 29 oz marine-grade vinyl. Built-in wheels. Truck delivery.

4-Machine Circuit. Includes Bicep Curl/Tricep Press, Chest Press/Row, Shoulder Press/Pull, Leg Extension/Curl. Largest unit measures 34"L x 24"W; 400 lb total.

8-Machine Circuit. Includes everything in the 4-Machine Circuit plus Seated Row, Ab Crunch/Back Extension, Upright Row/Push Down, and Squat. Largest machine measures 56"L x 35"W; 880 lb total.

Sport Tips

Why incorporate youth strength training into my fitness program?

While it is true that young muscles, cartilage, and tendons should not be subjected to the strains of body building or power lifting, strength training with light resistance and an emphasis on technique and safety can be very beneficial.

Learn Proper Workout Habits. Qualified adult instruction and supervision is a must, as is stretching, warm-up, and cool down.

Improve Muscular Strength. For tracking progression and setting goals, focus on repetitions and proper technique rather than adding more weight.

Feel Better Inside and Out! Whether they are involved in sports or not, youth involvement in strength training helps build self-esteem, promotes healthy hearts, boosts the metabolism, strengthens bones, and lays the foundation for lifelong healthy and active lifestyles.

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