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A comprehensive jumping unit for 30+ students.

Hosted by expert Mark Rothstein, dynamic 90-minute DVD demonstrates 60 single-rope skills, double-dutch and traveler jumping, 10 nonjumping skills, and more for beginning to advanced jumpers.

Additional details about each product in these packs are listed below. 

Segmented Jump Ropes - Set of 36 includes 6 ea 6’L (1.85 m), 12 ea 7’L (2.15 m), 12 ea 8’L (2.45 m), 6 ea 9’ L (2.75 m)

Durable plastic over a solid braided-nylon cord creates a longer-lasting, slower-turning rope. Colorful 7/16" dia (1 cm) plastic segments. Plastic 4"L (10 cm) handles allow a good grip, swivel easily.

Standard Speed Ropes Jump Ropes - Set of 36 includes 6’L (1.85 m), 12 ea 7’L (2.15 m), 12 ea 8’L (2.45 m), 6 ea 9’ L (2.75 m)

High-speed PVC rope, popular with jumping teams, great for general use. The smooth-turning 1/4" dia (1 cm) rope favored by speed jumpers in the bright colors younger jumpers love. All ropes are solid, with strong 5"L (13 cm) molded-plastic handles that won't break if stepped on. Handle color designates rope length.

Licorice Ropes - Set of 36 includes 6’L (1.85 m), 12 ea 7’L (2.15 m), 12 ea 8’L (2.45 m), 6 ea 9’ L (2.75 m)

Slightly heavier speed ropes for jumpers who want the best! Durable 3/16" dia (1/2 cm) PVC rope allows for super-fast, easy turning and will not kink. Unbreakable 4"L (10 cm) molded-plastic handles. Sets of 6.

Segmented Ropes w/ Foam-Covered Handles Set of 36 includes 6’L (1.85 m), 12 ea 7’L (2.15 m), 12 ea 8’L (2.45 m), 6 ea 9’ L (2.75 m)

Cushioned foam grip is easier on the hands and safer if accidentally let loose. Classic jump ropes feature tough 7/16" dia (1 cm) plastic segments over a solid braided-nylon cord. Smooth-turning, ball-bearing swivel action in 5"L (13 cm) handles. Color designates rope length. Sets of 6.

D-Luxe™ Double Dutch Jump Ropes Includes 4 pr – 2 pr 14’L (4.25 m) and 2 pr 16’L (4.90 m)

Unique design provides faster-turning double dutch ropes! Features a plastic ball within the handle that attaches to the rope, creating the smoothest and fastest spinning Double Dutch rope. 3/16" dia poly rope. Handle color designates rope length.

Best of Mark Rothstein’s World of Rope Jumping DVD (1 ea)

Team Hot Dog USA (world champion jumping team) joins Mark in activities and instructions on Double Dutch, Single Rope, and Traveler Jumping. 90 minutes.



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I was searching for high quality jump ropes and this pack definitely covers all my needs. I especially like the different sizes.
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Sport Tips

Which jump rope length is right for me?

A rope is the correct length when the user stands on the center of the rope and the handles reach the armpits. Follow these general guidelines:

6'L Rope
6'L Rope

Up to 4'5" Tall

7'L Rope
7'L Rope

4'5" to 4'10" Tall

8'L Rope
8'L Rope

4'10" to 5'3" Tall

9'L Rope
9'L Rope

5'3" to 5'10" Tall

10'L Rope
10'L Rope

Over 5'10" Tall

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