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Rainbow® QuickCups™ Sportscup Sets

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The thickest and strongest cups in the market will outlast and outperform all others!

Cups are 30% thicker than standard cups, with four holes on the bottom surface for better air flow so you can stack harder and faster! Lip of cup is 50% larger than standard cups for more control and stability, making them even easier to stack. Choose Pack of 12 sets (2 of each Rainbow® color), Pack of 30 Sets (5 of each Rainbow® color), or Pack of 60 sets (10 of each Rainbow® color), each with a custom-made storage bag to hold it all. Individual sets contain 12 cups and storage bag.

Sport Tips

Why incorporate cup stacking into my program?

Cup stacking (also known as sport stacking or speed stacking) is a fast-paced individual or team sport in which participants stack cups racing against the clock or each other. Stacking is done in pyramids of 3, 6, or 10 using specially designed plastic cups with a smooth interior for less friction and holes in the bottom for airflow. With virtually no setup and minimal space required, it's the perfect activity to play almost anywhere, in a matter of minutes! 


Hand/Eye Coordination: Improves reaction time by up to 30%.

Ambidexterity: Requires equal use of right and left hands.

Bilateral Proficiency: Engages both sides of the brain to develop both creative and problem-solving skills.

Concentration: Improves focus and attention span.

Self-esteem: Gives everyone, regardless of athletic ability, a chance to succeed.

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