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Rainbow® UltraPin™ Weighted Bowling Pins

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Brightly-colored pins are weighted without sand for less mess!

Weighted so they stay put and react realistically when hit. Made of durable polyethylene plastic for a long-lasting pin. Easy to set up and great for station and lane differentiation. Rainbow® Set includes 6 sets of 10 pins (15"H), each with pin setup template and score pad. Individual sets include 1 set of 10 pins, pin setup template, and score pad. 

Sport Tips

Which bowling ball and pins are right for me?

Ball Material

Foam: The safest, lightest, most user-friendly material. Great for young players.
Rubber & Rubberized Plastic: Truer play than foam, with less bounce, and better roll. Semisoft material is easy on floors.
Plastic:  Hard solid material for experienced players; is most like a real ball. 

Pin Material

Foam Pins: Our safest and quietest pin. Designed for younger players.
Plastic: Nonweighted (easier to knock over), weighted (for more stability), and official weight (most like a real pin).

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