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Rainbow® VersaBall™ Softballs

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Soft, versatile, player-friendly balls don't sting and are lighter weight for indoor/outdoor practice and play.

  • 11" or 12" in Yellow or Rainbow®
  • Synthetic-Leather or Leather Cover
  • Sponge-Rubber Core

Sport Tips

Which type of baseball or softball is right for me?

Soft Practice Softballs and Baseballs

  • Ball Covers: Synthetic-leather provides the most realistic feel, nylon is friendlier and water-resistant, and rubber provides the most lively action and superior durability.
  • Core: Polyurethane is the most lively and realistic, sponge rubber and cloth provide slightly less bounce and are more forgiving, fiber and kapok are the least lively for hitting drills, and foam is the lightest and most friendly.
  • Hardness: Level 1 is soft and suitable for ages 5-8. Level 5 is distinctively harder and appropriate for ages 9-12.


Full-Hardness/Game Softballs and Baseballs

  • Ball Covers: Leather offers the best grip, durability, and shape-retention. Synthetic-leather absorbs less water and is more stain-resistant.
  • Core: High-density cork has the best performance for baseballs, polyurethane is more lively and optimal for softballs, and cork/rubber is softer and friendlier for youth.
  • COR (Coefficient of Restitution): Refers to the percentage of energy a ball retains. The higher the COR rating the more lively action and bounce.
  • Compression: Represents the amount of pounds-per-square-inch required to compress the core 1/4". The higher the rating the harder the ball and farther it will travel.
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