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Screamin' Orange® Speed Ropes

60 Overall Rating
Only From Gopher

Item No. 47-021 / Unit: Set of 6 / Availability: In Stock
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Made for experienced speed jumpers, but brightly colored for beginners too!

Smooth-turning, solid ¼" dia (1 cm) PVC rope in a Screamin' bright color! Strong 5"L (13 cm) molded-plastic handles are clearly labeled to designate rope length and won't break if stepped on.

Available in five different lengths:
6'L (1.85 m)
8'L (2.45 m)
9'L (2.75 m)
16'L (4.90 m)


broken handles Date:
Overall Rating
The handle broke in half on one after 2 weeks. Another one came apart. The end piece that keeps the handle on fell off. Low quality.
Anonymous - PE Professional
Ypsilanti , MI
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Response from Gopher:

By Gopher, Vice President of Supply Chain, April 15, 2013

"Dear Anonymous, Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry the experience that you had with the Screamin' Orange Speed Ropes in that the handle broke off on one, and one came apart because the end piece fell off. This particular product does not have a poor Quality history and has proven to be very durable over time. So, I suspect for whatever reason you received a bad batch for which I do apologize. Normally we would contact you directly because of your feedback, but since you chose to remain anonymous we don’t have a way of contacting you to rectify your situation. Please contact us at customercare@gophersport.com or 1(800)533-0446 and we will be happy to fix your situation. Appreciatively, Mike Prochaska Vice President of Supply Chain Gopher Sport"

Sport Tips

Which jump rope length is right for me?

A rope is the correct length when the user stands on the center of the rope and the handles reach the armpits. Follow these general guidelines:

6'L Rope
6'L Rope

Up to 4'5" Tall

7'L Rope
7'L Rope

4'5" to 4'10" Tall

8'L Rope
8'L Rope

4'10" to 5'3" Tall

9'L Rope
9'L Rope

5'3" to 5'10" Tall

10'L Rope
10'L Rope

Over 5'10" Tall

Which jump rope material is right for me?


Durable, lightweight, and easy to turn at high speeds. Preferred by speed jumpers but suitable for all skill levels.

Segmented Plastic
Segmented Plastic

High-durability plus enough weight to turn well at slower speeds. The sound made as it hits the floor helps jumpers maintain a regular, rhythmic pattern. Great for group jumping.

Braided Polyester
Braided Polyester

Very durable, nonkinking, and heavy enough to hold a good arc; slides easily on the floor. For all skill levels.


Extremely durable, won't twist, tangle, or fray, yet light enough for fast turning; knotted ends (instead of handles) increase safety. Ideal for beginners but suitable for all skill levels.


Soft, lightweight, and pliable. For all skill levels.

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