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SportSkillz™ Training Station Packs


One-of-a-kind packs are designed to introduce students to the key skills of popular sports!

Quickly set up 12 stations with all the premium equipment and easy-to-follow instruction needed to successfully teach the fundamentals of basketball, soccer, or volleyball to the entire class at once. Each sport pack is configured as Beginner or Intermediate to accommodate all ages and abilities with age-appropriate balls and is designed to be self-directed so students need little guidance from the teacher. Durable 18" x 18" (46 cm x 46 cm) Station Boards clearly display instruction for each skill right at the station and the Teacher Overview Cards provide detailed implementation and instruction. All packs include enough sport balls for the 12 skills, 12 Rainbow® SmartCones™, set of 6 Rainbow® VersaBagPlus™ Mesh Storage Bags, and 1 set of Station Boards/Teacher Overview Cards. Keep students practicing their newly-learned skills with an additional 4 group activities per sport! Boards/Cards also sold separately.

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