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Team Home Run Derby™ Set

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Up to 36 players can play this action-packed baseball game and no one rides the bench!

Includes all the equipment to set up 6 baseball "fields" in which teams of 3 (or more) players face an equal opposing team. Runs are scored when batters hit the ball and run to the 2 "bases" (cones) and return to home plate without being tagged or thrown out. Equipment color may vary.


  • Set of 6 Batting Tees
  • Set of 6 Rainbow® UltraGrip™ Bats (29"L) and Foam Balls
  • Set of 6 Rainbow® Home Plates (6"H)
  • Set of 6 Rainbow® ResistDent™ Softballs
  • Set of 12 Rainbow® Vinyl Cones (6"H) 
  • Set of 6 Rainbow® Vinyl Cones (12"H)
  • 1 ea XL VersaDuffel™ Mesh Bag
  • 1 ea Activity Instructions

Additional details about each item included in this set are listed below. 

Rainbow® Baseball Batting Tees (Set of 6)

Quickly play and easily organize an entire class to play a wide variety of fun baseball activities. Set up activity stations, organize teams, and play exciting skill-building activities. Nearly indestructible tee has a solid-steel rod that supports the adjustable stem (24" to 47"H) which is anchored to a super-stable solid-rubber base. Set of 6 includes 1 of each Rainbow® color.

Rainbow® UltraGrip™ Foam Baseball Sets (Set of 6)

A safer solution for early batting practice, now available in a new big-bat size for easier ball contact! High-density foam bats are safer than wood or aluminum and more durable than other foam bats. Weighted for maximum performance, yet easy to swing. Slip-resistant grip and foam barrels. Set includes 6 bats and 6 balls in Rainbow® colors. For use with beginner balls only. 29”L.

Rainbow® Vinyl Cones (Set of 6, 6”H; Set of 12, 12”H)

The brightest, best-looking, most durable colored cones you can get! Our cones are thicker and more uniform than others, and they have no drips, sags, or "overspray" like that found on inferior cones. Flexible vinyl cones safely deform on impact and quickly spring back to shape without ripping. They stay upright in hot sun and strong winds, too. Vibrant Rainbow® colors are great for identifying lanes, paths, boundaries, or teams. Sets of 6 include 1 of each Rainbow® color. 6"H, 12”H.

Rainbow® Home Plates (Set of 6)

Teammates must return to home plate without being tagged or thrown out! Set of 6 includes one of each Rainbow® color.

Rainbow® ResisDent™ Balls (Set of 6)

Maximum resistance to dents, cracks, and breaks, even in the most demanding settings! Lightweight yet super-tough, rigid polyethylene offers extreme durability. 4” dia.

Rainbow® VersaBag™ Duffel (1 ea)

Durable webbing handles and zipper closure make these tough mesh duffels perfect for hauling balls to the court or the playground. Versatile polyester duffels feature webbing handles that wrap completely around the bag and won't rip out, mesh that aids ventilation and lets you see what's inside, and detachable shoulder straps. XX-Large.

Activity Instructions (1 ea)

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