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UltraFit™ KingDome™ Balance Trainer

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Rule your fitness room with the King of balance trainers!

Stronger, tougher, and more versatile trainers feature one-piece, dual-layer European construction so strong that it supports any user size and handles dynamic aerobics workouts! Now you can train for strength, balance, or both while knowing the KingDome™ will safely support virtually any amount of weight. Outer layer is textured and tacky for superior traction without shifting on the floor. Vary the difficulty by flipping trainer over for pushups and advanced balance training. Easily inflates with needle pump (not included). Available individually in red or in a Rainbow® sets of 6. 18" dia x 10"H; 10 ½ lb.

Sport Tips

What is core training?

Core training consists of conditioning the network of muscles that stabilize the spine and pelvis and run the entire length of the torso. These muscles help control movement, transfer energy, shift body weight, and move in any direction.

A strong core provides:
- A stable starting point for almost all athletic movements
- An improvement in the body's ability to balance and move through space
- A firm foundation to prevent injuries
- Improved balance and posture

Core Muscle Group
Core Muscle Group

Some of the best products for developing core strength include medicine balls, stability balls, balance products (BOSU® Trainers, balance boards), and dumbbells.

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