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UltraFit™ Medicine Ball Racks

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The strongest, most space-saving storage solutions on the market!

All racks are constructed of heavy-duty, power-coated steel for long-lasting durability and strength. 5- and 10-Ball Racks tout all-welded construction for superior strength. 3-Tier Rack holds 15 balls and presents a narrow profile and lockable casters for easily rolling room-to-room. 4-Tier Rack gives easy access to 22 balls anywhere, with rotating racks and lockable casters for 360 degrees of convenience. Oversize Ball Rack has stronger tubing and is wider all around to accommodate larger balls and heavier weights. Assembly required.

A. 5-Ball Tree Rack (Item 68-671), 18"L x 13"W x 62"H, 30 lb

B. 10-Ball Tree Rack (Item 68-672), 24"L x 13"W x 62"H, 35 lb

C. 5-Ball Corner Rack (Item 70-051), 31"L x 22½"W x 36¾"H, 25 lb

D. 10-Ball Corner Rack (Item 70-052),47"L x 29"W x 47"H, 42 lb

E. 4-Tier Rack (Item 68-088), 30" diameter x 50"H, 54 lb

F. 3-Tier Rack (Item 68-673), 58"L x 25"W x 38"H, 55 lb

G. Oversize Ball Rack (Item 70-986), 74"L x 14"W x 41½"H, 90 lb

Sport Tips

Which medicine ball is right for me?

Medicine balls have been a long-time favorite exercise tool for strength and fitness training. Each style of medicine has its own unique benefits.

These 6"-11" dia balls feature grippy rubber or synthetic covers for premium control duting strength training or partner workouts. Our traditional medicine balls:

  • UltraFit™ Classic
  • UltraFit™ Rubber
  • UltraFit™ Enforcer™
  • UltraFit™ Evolution™ Kompact 

Larger 14" dia and surface area is easier to track and control, making them the perfect balls for throwing and catching. Our oversize medicine balls:

  • UltraFit™ Evolution™
  • UltraFit™ Demolition™
  • UtlraFit™ Atlas™

Specifically designed with incredible durability and strength, these balls withstand vigorous slamming workouts. Our slamming medicine balls:

  • UltraFit™ Endurance™
  • UltraFit™ SlamBall™
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