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UltraFit™ Rubber-Coated Hex Dumbbells

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The rugged weight room favorite, now in aerobic sizes for a better grip!

Features the popular machined construction with knurled handles securely pinned to rubber-coated bells. Hex bell shape prevents rolling. Sets available in black or colors. Individual dumbbell colors may vary. Truck delivery on sets.

Sets include 47 pairs of dumbbells (630 lb total):

  • 3 lb (12 pairs)
  • 5 lb (15 pairs)
  • 8 lb (8 pairs)
  • 10 lb (8 pairs)
  • 15 lb (4 pairs)
  • All-steel UltraFit™ Rack (38"L x 25"W x 47"H, 94 lb)
  • Set of laminated dumbbell exercise charts

Sport Tips

Why incorporate dumbbell training into my fitness program?

A tried and true staple of free-weight training, dumbbells are the most trusted fitness tools for developing upper body strength and muscle endurance.

Cardio Training

Popularized by step aerobics workouts, dumbbells are the safest equipment for enhancing high-repetition exercises. Their one-piece security gives the user control during dynamic movements and quicker motions such as punching, swinging, and running. Lower-weight, fully-coated dumbbells are tailored for such workouts, as their thicker, ergonomic handles and tacky coating are easier to grip.

Strength Training

Used as an extension of the arm and hand, dumbbells are the safest free weights for developing arm, back, and chest strength. The concentration of weight around the handle ensures a high level of control and security for heavier weights. Dumbbells used for strength training should have hard-wearing coated bells, deep knurling handles, and the most secure pinned bell-to-handle construction.


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