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Warrior™ Elite Ropes

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Sheathed in protective nylon, these are the toughest, longest-lasting conditioning ropes on the market!

Wave after wave, these ropes won't damage or fray thanks to protective, durable nylon sheathing. Secured by poly boot ends. Available in Black nylon in 1½" or 2" thicknesses and 30' or 50' lengths. Includes D-ring wall mount and wall hanger for storage.

Sport Tips

Which conditioning rope is right for me?

Three factors to consider when choosing the best conditioning rope for you.


  • 1” – Better grip and lighter weight for beginners/youth training.
  • 1½” – Ergonomic hand size and added rope weight for larger students/adults.
  • 2” – Oversize grip for enhancing strength/endurance.


  • 30’L – Less length means less energy needed to make waves. Better for younger students and smaller training areas.
  • 50’L – More slack means a greater challenge to keep the rope moving. Perfect for higher fitness levels.

Rope Quality

  • Polypropylene – Easy on hands with smooth finish. Use indoors or out. Longer lasting than traditional manila.  
  • Nylon Sheathed – Durable cover prevents fraying and damage. Water resistant. 
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