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Weightlifting Bars


The perfect assortment of bars to handle any lift or user!

A. 7'L Introductory Power Bar. Rigid for squating and bench press. Split-sleeve design.  Deep knurling for grip.  1,200 lb capacity.  45 lb.

B. 7'L Advanced Power Bar.  High-tensile strength steel for mazimum strength and stiffness during bench and squat.  Deep knurling for grip.  1,500 lb capacity.  45 lb.

C. 7'L Olympic Training Bar.  Features optimal flex and smooth-rotating sleeves for olympic lifts.  Light knurling for fast transitions.  1,500 lb capacity.  45 lbs.

D. 6'L Women's Olympic Training Bar. Smaller bar, provides flex with smooth-rotating sleeves for Olympic lifts.  Light knurling.  800 lb capacity. 35 lb.

E. 4'L Commerical Curl Bar. Hard-chrome finish with ergonomically-positioned hand grips.  Deep knurling. Rotating sleeves.  20 lb. 

F. 5'L Curl Bar w/ Rubber Grips. Rubber grips provide support and add to user success.  Chrome-coated steel.  48"L; 25 lb.

G. 4'8"L Olympic Hex Bar. Designed for even weight displacement during deadlifts and shrugs.  Deep knurling on handles.  1,000 lb capacity.

H. Foam Bar Pad.  Great for introducing squats or simply avoiding deep knurling on neck and shoulders.  15"L x 1" thick. 

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