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Brine® Mini E3™ Lacrosse Set

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Rugged and durable 35"L sticks with a narrow face for ball-retention and maximum control.

Offset head delivers maximum control, white soft mesh pocket makes throwing and catching easy for beginners. Narrow face increases ball-retention and accuracy. Tough aluminum handle on 35"L stick withstands aggressive use. Set includes 12 sticks and 12 dense-rubber balls (color may vary). For elementary ages and up.

Sport Tips

Which lacrosse stick is right for me?

Head Shape
Head Shape

Wide: Makes catching and deflecting passes easier; for learning the fundamentals.

Narrow: For throwing and controlling the ball while moving; best for experienced players.

Head Angle
Head Angle

Onset: Head extends straight out from shaft with large throat for easiest catching and carrying; best for beginners and skill-building.

Offset: Throat angle for maximum carrying control and medium cant for accurate passing/shooting; the most popular head angle, great for intermediate players.

Curved: Similar to an offset angle, with cant that allows for accurate and powerful shots; for advanced players.

Forward Cant: Provides a shallow pocket for quicker passing and shooting; great for advanced players.


Aluminum/metal: Light, maneuverable, and more rigid; for experienced players or competitive play.
Plastic: More affordable and forgiving than aluminum; good for beginners.


30"-35": Young or beginning players.
36"-42": Women and youth.
40"+: Men.

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