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CharacterEd® PlaygroundPlus™ Packs

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The 90 different CharacterEd® balls keep a playground full of students active while reinforcing important character traits.

Introduce your students to a rich assortment of positive messages through character-building activities on the playground.

 Lower-Elementary Pack.

• Set of 18    Utility Balls (8.5" dia / 22 cm) 
• Set of 18    Soccer Balls (Size 4) 
• Set of 18    Basketballs (Size 5) 
• Set of 18    Footballs (Size 4) 
• Set of 18    Volleyballs (Official Size) 
• 1 ea           Character Education Book 
• Set of 6      Rainbow® XL VersaBag™ Mesh Bags

Upper-Elementary Pack. 
• Set of 18    Utility Balls (8.5" dia / 22 cm) 
• Set of 18    Soccer Balls (Size 5) 
• Set of 18    Basketballs (Size 6) 
• Set of 18    Footballs (Size 4) 
• Set of 18    Volleyballs (Official Size) 
• 1 ea           Character Education Book
• Set of 6      Rainbow® XL VersaBag™ Mesh Bags


CharacterEd™ Soccer Balls (Set of 18)
Durable molded-rubber balls get an extra kick from CharacterEd™ values! Tough enough for play on any surface. Premium nylon windings and butyl bladder ensure optimal shape/air-retention. Official size and weight.

CharacterEd™ Utility Balls (Set of 18)
Tough, three-ply rubber balls ready for any activity! Nylon windings, and three-ply rubber cover for kicking and heavy playground use. 8.5” dia (22 cm).

CharacterEd™ Basketballs (Set of 18)
Makes teaching character values a slam-dunk! Ideal for educational variations on any basketball activity. High-quality rubber cover with deep pebbling, nylon windings, and medium-width channels.

CharacterEd™ Footballs (Set of 18)
Teach important lessons, on and off the field. Colorful, durable rubber footballs add educational value to any football activity. Each features an important CharacterEd™ keyword along with its definition. Nylon-wound. Butyl bladder. 

CharacterEd™ Volleyballs (Set of 18)
Students learn positive character values and build playing skills with our soft, durable volleyballs. A cushion layer over a supple rubber cover make these exceptional trainers. Top-quality construction with nylon windings for rugged performance and shape-retention under extreme use. Official size and weight.

Character Education: 43 Fitness Activities for Community Building Book (1 ea)
(Glover, Anderson) Over 40 field-tested activities help teachers meet NASPE standards 5, 6, and 7. Activities emphasize responsible behavior, respect for differences, and an understanding of self-expression in physical activity. Includes instructions, assessment strategies, and reproducible resources. Three-quarter-size, 256 pages. 2003.

Rainbow® VersaBag™ Mesh Bags (Set of 6)
Tough, top-quality mesh bags have small-gauge mesh to safely carry equipment of all sizes. Durable polyester bags are ideal for carrying and identifying practice balls or other equipment. Cord closure with convenient slide lock. X-Large holds 16 volleyballs or 10 basketballs.

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