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ClassPlus™ Rainbow® Archery Pack


Matching Rainbow® compound bows and arrows, all in a deluxe cart that hits the bull's-eye for transport and storage!

Red bow shoots red arrows, green bow shoots green, and so on, for quick and easy arrow identification and class organization. Versatile, easy-to-shoot Genesis™ compound bows fit all ages and skill levels, with adjustable 10-20 lb (4.5-9 kg) draw weights that cover all draw lengths from 15"-30" (38-76 cm); durable fiberglass and aluminum construction. Official bow of the National Archery in the Schools Program. All-steel cart features big 12" dia (30 cm) front wheels and 4" dia (10 cm) rear swivel casters for easy maneuvering on any terrain, durable powder-coat finish, and custom storage for everything in the pack; assembly required. Pack includes:

  • Set of 6    Rainbow® Genesis™ Compound Bows
  • Set of 72  Rainbow® Fiberglass Arrows (28"L / 71 cm)
  • 3 ea         Self-Healing Ethafoam Target w/ Standard Round Face, 36" dia x 7" thick (91 cm dia x 18 cm thick)
  • 3 ea         Replacement Target Faces (36" dia / 91 cm)
  • 3 ea         Tripod Target Stands
  • 6 ea         Armguards
  • 1 ea         Range Master™ Archery Cart, 57"L x 23"W x 38"H; 45 lb (1.45 m x 58 cm x 97 cm; 20.5 kg); assembly required
  • 1 ea         Archery: Steps to Success Book (224 pages)



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