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Positive Gaming™ iDANCE2™ Wireless System

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Our most complete wireless dance system features unique software and premium components!

The most complete dance system available allows students to compete with classmates and includes platforms; software; an AV cart with mixer, amplifier, and speakers, plus a dedicated PC and accessories. Systems feature:

Wireless Dance Platforms. Durable composite-plastic wireless platforms with honeycomb construction feature recessed arrows so students feel where they are on the platform without looking down and taking their eyes off the screen. Each platform operates for 70 continuous hours on one charge; all elements are replaceable. Easily upgrade your system by adding additional platforms at any time. Weight capacity 550 lb. Fully assembled. 34½"L x 34½"W x 1" thick; 19.9 lb each.

Dynamic Software. Screen displays up to three different skill levels at once, so users can choose any skill level and compete only with others at the same level. Individual, real-time feedback is displayed during play and can be tracked over time to assess progress. The dual output feature allows the same game to be displayed on two different screens, with optional team scoring for group competitions. Over 150 songs from a variety of genres (with no distracting or questionable graphics or lyrics) guide the steps; instructors can use the pause or scroll-back features to teach the moves step by step. New software and song releases allow system upgrades without purchasing new hardware. Includes curriculum guide.

Media Center and Storage. Includes dedicated computer with iDANCE2™ software and 3,800-lumen WXGA projector; platform chargers; USB keyboard and remote control; and custom AV cart with mixer, amplifier, speakers, wireless mic system, cooling system, surge protector, speaker stands, and locking drawer. Truck delivery on all.


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I was somewhat disappointed with the songs. I didn't recognize one song or know one song. I would be more into it if I like the music and or at least knew a few of the songs. They just are not recognizable. The platform arrow edges are not toe/heel friendly! Definitely wearing my shoes when using the system and would recommend others to do the same. Overall though the kids at our camp really did enjoy using the the idance2 system! Which is what counts the most.
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Sport Tips

Why should I incorporate Exertainment into my program?

Why should I incorporate Exertainment into my program?

Exertainment combines EXERcise and EnterTAINMENT into one activity so your students can get a great workout while having fun! Challenge your students to a dance-off, host a backyard baseball game, or step right up to a dynamic aerobic workout ... all without setting up a lot of equipment or leaving your gym! Whether you incorporate Exertainment into your PE class as a unit or as a reward, both your students and yourself will benefit! Here's why:

• Kids love it! What kid doesn't love video games? Exertainment activities encourage kids to challenge themselves and interact with others, all while being physically active!

• Teachers love it! Students who participate in Exertainment activities demonstrate improved attitudes toward PE and better overall fitness ... two things that would make any teacher happy!

Exertainment activities can be used in a variety of programs, not just PE! Use them with reward/incentive programs, beforeor-after school programs, or any other opportunity where fun and physical activity can be incorporated.

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