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Kinesthetic Classroom Elliptical Desk

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Innovative new learning and fitness tool improves concentration by keeping students active!

Kinesthetic learning has been shown to improve students' attentiveness and focus, through a steady range of motion that increases blood circulation and brain activity. Smooth, low-resistance elliptical enhances cardiovascular endurance without over-exertion. Easy-to-use, with no programming required...just pedal! Commercial-grade elliptical base and steel frame with heavy-duty laminate desktop and integrated 3" dia wheels for mobility. Includes 85-page User's Manual on the benefits of activity and learning. Training and installation available upon request. Truck delivery.

Standard Elliptical Desk. Recommended for elementary through middle school ages.  30"L x 24"W x 40"H; 125 lb.

Varsity Elliptical Desk. With 8 adjustable resistance levels, provides a higher level of activity. Recommended for ages 9 and up. 28"L x 50"L x 52"H; 165 lb.


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I purchased two of these for my Fifth Grade classroom in February, and a month later I moved more furniture out in order to fit in two more! The response from the students has been steadily enthusiastic since the first day. We work through 10-15 minute rotations throughout the day, keeping track with named/numbered business card magnets on the white board next to which each student marks a check and the time each got off the machine. At that rate, including "interruptions" such as recess, lunch, etc., all 31 students rotate through almost daily; if not we just pick up where the checks end before starting over again. As it is so popular I do very little monitoring, as the students keep each other on track and are not hesitant to bring it to my attention if someone tries to take a longer turn. As for our academic work, the only thing I don't have students do on the elliptical is written tests, and that's only because I thought I should "start slowly". That said, there isn't any other kind of work they don't take to the ellipticals with them - journal writing with pens/pencils; computer work on laptops, whether it be research, writing, or creating presentations on various software programs; reading, either in their literature or text materials; math work; partner discussions or Q & A; and whole class discussions as well. The ellipticals are placed in a row behind all the desks (which are all standing desks), so students can readily see anything on the interactive white board and participate fully with the rest of the class. I'm aware of the increasing amount of research that indicates a direct correlation between physical activity and brain activity, and although I've yet to keep any formal data on my students' work, it's clear that they want to move and they're happy to work while they're moving. And for me, the teacher, it's a refreshing and energizing environment as well. Thank you for such a terrific product!
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Santee , CA
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