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Rainbow® Coated-Foam Sport Ball Pack

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Ships 3-17-15


Introduce students of all ages to sports with balls in a variety of density levels!

Our soft, user-friendly soccer balls and footballs in a variety of densities and sizes give students the balls most appropriate to their age and skill level. Pack includes 6 each SoftScore™ and SoftScore™ Plus Soccer Balls (Sz 4), SoftScore™ and SoftScore™ Plus footballs (Sz 3), Deluscious™ Soccer Balls (Sz 4), Deluscious™ Footballs (Sz 3), and an XXL VersaBag™ mesh bag. Additional details about each product in this pack are listed below. Rainbow® SoftScore™/SoftScore™ Plus Coated-Foam Soccer Balls (Set of 12) Absolutely the best coated-foam soccer balls you can buy, now available in different densities to match your needs! Available in medium-density for a softer, lower bounce ball, or in the high-density SoftScore™ Plus for a slightly firmer, livelier ball. Pick-proof coating is moisture resistant for cleaning and wet grass. Includes SoftScore™ ans SoftScore™ Plus (Sz 4) Junior. Gopher SoftScore™ Coated-Foam Footballs Already the best, most durable coated-foam footballs, now with two non-intimidating densities! Choose the non-intimidating, softer SoftScore™ medium-density balls or the livelier, heavier SoftScore™ Plus high-density foam balls for truer throwing and catching. Both have pick-proof, coated-foam covers that won't peel, crack, or fade outdoors. Includes SoftScore™ ans SoftScore™ Plus (Sz 3) Junior. Rainbow® Deluscious™ Foam Footballs (Set of 6) Spongier foam is friendlier with a durable outer skin for long-lasting play. Vibrant colors for easier tracking and class organization of drills, teams, and games. Size 3. Rainbow® Deluscious™ Foam Soccer Balls (Set of 6) Soft molded foam has a thin, durable outer skin for no-sting contact. Lusciously soft outer core with a medium-density foam center offers nonintimidating play, which improves the success rate for beginners. Size 4. VersaBag™ Mesh Bag (1 ea) Tough, top-quality mesh bag has small-gauge mesh to safely carry equipment of all sizes. Durable polyester bag is ideal for carrying and identifying practice balls or other equipment. Cord closure with convenient slide lock. Blue. 45"W x 36"L (1.15 m x 91 cm).

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