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Rainbow® Gopher Biggie!™ Volleyball

50 Overall Rating
New Only From Gopher

Item No. 61-265 / Unit: Ea / Availability: In Stock
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Soft, lightweight, and twice the diameter of a regulation ball!

Oversized 16" dia ball has an upgraded composite cover material that's 20% lighter and more player friendly. Traditional 18-panel construction, with foam backing for extra softness. Latex rubber bladder with butyl valve. Available individually or in a Rainbow® Set of 6. 19 oz.


HUGE volleyball! Date:
Overall Rating
Great for those students with lower skills levels at higher grade levels to be more involved. All the students find it fun to play with.
peteacher - PE Professional
colorado springs , CO
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NON-durable Biggie Volleyball Date:
Overall Rating
I purchased a Biggie Volleyball a few years ago, it had a vinyl cover. This more recent purchase, the volleyball had a cheap cotton-like cover. I was intending to use it at the middle school level. It would not have lasted for 1 class period. For over $50 you should get quality that could last at least a year or 2???
Anonymous - PE Professional
Fountain Valley , CA
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Response from Gopher:

By Gopher, Vice President of Supply Chain, February 10, 2014

"Dear Anonymous, Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry that the Rainbow® Gopher Biggie!™ the material did not meet your expectations. The material was changed intentionally in 2009 because the original material failed phthalate testing. Please contact us and we can arrange to either replace this product or provide you with an alternate product that may better meet your needs. Normally we would contact you directly because of your feedback, but since you chose to remain anonymous we don’t have a way of contacting you to rectify your situation. Please contact us at customercare@gophersport.com or 1(800)533-0446 and we will be happy to fix your situation. Appreciatively, Mike Prochaska Vice President of Supply Chain"

Sport Tips

Which volleyball is right for me?


Official. Balls are official size and weight for game and practice play with school and professional teams.

Trainer. Balls designed for improved success or friendlier action for younger/beginner players. Sizes and weights vary to focus on specific skills and age groups.


Cover Material

Leather. The best performing, highest-quality material. Top choice for professional, college, and high school games. Indoor use.

Composite. Simulates the performance of leather with a softer feel. Most popular ball for games and practice. Indoor or Indoor/outdoor use.

Rubber. Good playability and the best durability. The economical choice for all-purpose institutional use. Indoor/outdoor use.

Fabric. Player-friendly with soft, nonsting cover. Ideal for introductory skill development. Indoor use.


  • 6" diameter
  • Introductory ball
  • For beginners
  • 8" diameter
  • Regulation ball
  • For games and practice
  • 10" diameter
  • Greater hitting surface and slower speed
  • Great for beginners and skill development
  • 16" diameter
  • Huge, lightweight ball
  • For team games/activities
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