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Thick 4-1/2" post system with double-rim goal increases durability.

4-1/2" OD galvanized-steel post 54"W x 35"H powder-coated fan-shaped backboard in rust-free cast-aluminum or steel; choose plain white or painted shooting target Goal and backboard bolt directly to post for superior durability and rigidity Fixed heavy-duty double-rim goal with chain net 4' setback Truck delivery In-Ground Installation. Bent-post systems require in-ground installation within a concrete base footing, a project usually undertaken by maintenance staff or professional installers. Typically, a 12" dia x 3-4' deep hole is dug, then filled with concrete; the post is placed into the wet concrete, which must then be allowed to cure for a week before the backboard and goal are attached.

Sport Tips

Which bent-post system is right for me?

Post Size
Post Size

3-1/2" Post: Perfect for light-institutional use. 3' setback.

4-1/2" Post: More durable for continuous institutional use. 4' setback.

Setback Length
Setback Length

The setback (or rununder) is the distance from the post to the backboard, usually ranging from 3' to 4'. Longer setbacks increase player safety by reducing the risk of running into the post, but they also require more space for installation; shorter setbacks are best suited for smaller courts.

Rim & Board.

Single rims are best for light institutional use with no player-rim contact. Double rims are stronger and more durable for heavy use and dunking. Backboards are available in durable steel; lightweight and rustproof aluminum; or the glass-like feel of clear, unbreakable polycarbonate. Rectangular backboards offer the look and size of official indoor boards, while fan-shaped backboards are more compact for side or smaller courts.

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