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DuraHoop™ Skinny

40 Overall Rating
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Item No. 43-510 / Unit: Set of 12 / Availability: In Stock
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Just as thick as our DuraHoop™, with a 50% smaller diameter!

Easier-to-handle hoop is perfect for younger students and a variety of activities. Staple-free design with a thicker and stronger wall than traditional skinny hoops.


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In less than a week we already had one hula hoop break.
Anonymous - Other
Medaryville , IN
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Response from Gopher:

By Gopher, Vice President of Supply Chain, November 14, 2013

"Dear Anonymous, Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry that DuraHoop™ Skinny Set that you had purchased that one hoop broke in less than a week. This is not typical but unfortunately this particular hoop broke during use. This item is our lightest and skinniest hoop which makes them friendly and non- intimidating to use. However, it also means they aren’t as durable as our other Hoops Normally we would contact you directly because of your feedback, but since you chose to remain anonymous we don’t have a way of contacting you to rectify your situation. Please contact us at customercare@gophersport.com or 1(800)533-0446 and we will be happy to fix your situation. We can arrange to either replace these Hoops or can help you choose one of our heavier, more durable Hoops (we’d recommend the DuraHoop (item numbers 43-504,43-505, or 43-506. Appreciatively, Mike Prochaska Vice President of Supply Chain"

Sport Tips

Which hoop is right for me?

Differences in the plastic tubing used to make the hoop cause differences in the hoop's durability. The thicker the wall of tubing, the stronger and more resistant to kinking and deformation the hoop will be.

Choose the right hoop for you! Our DuraHoop™ family includes 5 unique and durable hoops. To determine which hoop is the right for you, refer to the information provided on individual wall thickness and construction.


Skinny No-Kink® Hoop
Skinny No-Kink® Hoop
  • 1.7 mm wall thickness
  • 10.5 mm tubing dia
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