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Ultimate Exertainment Room

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Create the ultimate activity space with 4 gaming systems and over 25 games!

Convenient all-in-one solution brings the thrill, excitement, and physical activity of the most popular gaming systems to your school, district, or facility. Rooms include everything you need to set up 4 gaming stations - 2 Wii U™ and 2 Kinect, allowing up to 15 students to play at the same time. Each system features different game packs for a massive variety to satisfy all ages, abilities, and interests, plus all the necessary controllers and accessories. Choose from Basic or Deluxe Ultimate Exertainment Rooms. Game titles may vary depending on availability. Truck Delivery.

Game Packs.

  • Wii U™ Adventure Games Pack 1. Nintendo Land, New Super Mario, Sonic and All-Stars Racking, and Rabbids Land
  • Wii U™ Adventure Games Pack 2. Party Champions, Prehistoric Party, Family Party (30 games), and Wipe Out 3
  • Wii U™ Sports Games Pack. ESPN SPorts Connection, Madden NFL '13, NBA 2K13, and FIFA Soccer
  • Wii U™ Fitness & Dance Games Pack. Your Shape Fitness, Just Dance 4, Sing Party
  • Kinect Aventure Games Pack. Carnival Games, Joy Ride, Fantastic Pets, and Sonic Free Riders
  • Kinect Sports Games Pack. Deca Sports Freedom, Game Party: In Motion, Kinect Sports, and MotionSports
  • Kinect Fitness & Dance Games Pack. Dance Central, DanceMasters, The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout, and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
  • Xbox 360® EA Sports Active™ 2 Pack.

Sport Tips

Why should I incorporate Exertainment into my program?

Why should I incorporate Exertainment into my program?

Exertainment combines EXERcise and EnterTAINMENT into one activity so your students can get a great workout while having fun! Challenge your students to a dance-off, host a backyard baseball game, or step right up to a dynamic aerobic workout ... all without setting up a lot of equipment or leaving your gym! Whether you incorporate Exertainment into your PE class as a unit or as a reward, both your students and yourself will benefit! Here's why:

• Kids love it! What kid doesn't love video games? Exertainment activities encourage kids to challenge themselves and interact with others, all while being physically active!

• Teachers love it! Students who participate in Exertainment activities demonstrate improved attitudes toward PE and better overall fitness ... two things that would make any teacher happy!

Exertainment activities can be used in a variety of programs, not just PE! Use them with reward/incentive programs, beforeor-after school programs, or any other opportunity where fun and physical activity can be incorporated.

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