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GymWipes™ Hygiene Wipes


Forget the spray bottle and dingy towels, these one-step wipes are made to thoroughly clean your equipment!

Available in 3 progressive, germ-fighting levels of hygiene wipes – all more powerful than the average store brand wipe. Economical, non-alcohol MegaRoll (8”L x 8”W) wipes are biodegradable and eliminate 99.9% of common germs on all surfaces. Non-alcohol Advantage (8"L x 9"W) wipes clean dirt, sweat, and body oils from equipment surfaces and neutralize odors. Antibacterial non-alcohol FORCE (8"L x 6"W) disinfectant wipes are double thick and EPA-registered to kill 99.9% of surface germs and 46 major pathogens, including MRSA.

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