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Rainbow® Multi-Dome™ Activity Sets

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Set up these versatile components in endless configurations!

Multi-Domes™. Use these versatile domes as stepping stones and as bases for a variety of components. Fill with sand for added support.
Mini Game Standards. Multiple attachment slots hold hoops, wand posts, and more. Telescoping rubber stem fits over hard-plastic 24"L (61 cm) poles. 27"-39"H (69-99 cm). Hoops sold separately.
DuraHoop™ Plus 30" dia (76 cm dia) Hoops. Use horizontally or vertically as obstacles, targets and more.
Wand Posts. Hard-plastic 36"L (91 cm) posts fit horizontally or vertically as marker and obstacles.
Arch Gates. Great as targets, goals, tunnels, and more. 47"L x ¾" dia (1.20 m x 2 cm).
Hurdles.  12" (30 cm) polyethylene hurdles rotate safely out of the way when struck.

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