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NutriPlay™ Food-Tag Frenzy™ Nutrition Team Game

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It's a race to fill your plate with healthy foods from each food group!

Teach healthy eating with this interactive game that emphasizes the various food groups and a balanced diet. 120 beanbags depicting graphics of a variety of foods from 5 different food groups are scattered on the floor. Teams race to gather the beanbags, then place them on their dinner plate mats in the appropriate food group. But watch out! If you're tagged by a junk food tagger while gathering a beanbag, you must freeze and drop the bag until a healthy food tagger comes to free you. The team who completes their plate first or has the most balanced diet when the time runs out wins! Includes 6 dinner plate mats (3' x 3' / 91 cm x 91 cm), 120 food group beanbags, 2 Junk Food and 2 Healthy Food pinnies, storage bag, and activity instructions.

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