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Project Adventure PE Team Building Packs

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Challenge your class and promote social growth with dozens of engaging adventure lessons from a name you trust!

Adventure Curriculum increases the relevance of PE as a tool for academic success by captivating students and engaging teachers. This unique curriculum promotes social growth, leadership, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. Curriculum books cater to student skill level, age, and interest with numerous activity-packed lessons broken down by grade. These packs include all the equipment and instruction you need to implement Project Adventure's curriculum in your classroom. All packs include a curriculum book, 12 hoops (30" / 76 cm), 12 beach balls (12.5" dia / 32 cm), 1 stopwatch, 6 rubber rings, 6 rubber chickens, 6 vinyl cones (12"H / 31 cm), 24 fleece balls (4" / 10 cm), 30 Team Spots (12" / 31 cm), 100' rope (⅜" / 9.5 mm), and 1 mesh bag. Deluxe Packs also include an all-terrain Magnus™ Recess Rack with Baskets, perfect for transporting equipment indoors and out.

Elementary Packs also include 6 jump ropes (16' / 4.90 m), 1 parachute with handles (30' dia 9.15 m), 24 juggling scarves, and 24 beanbags (5" / 13 cm).

Middle School Packs also include 1 pair of Double Dutch jump ropes, 12 blindfolds, 5-gallon (19 l) bucket, and 3 sets of team skis (57"L / 1.45 m).

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