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PowerPlus™ Heart Rate Monitor Packs

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Each PowerPlus™ Pack gives you everything you need to introduce heart rate monitoring to your students!

Each pack includes 24 of your choice of nine different heart rate monitors, extensive curriculum and class materials, and Gopher's exclusive premium lockable case. Case includes a custom-cut foam interior that not only protects your watches, but allows you to easily see if all have been returned after each use.

Each pack includes:

  • 24 ea Heart Rate Monitors
  • 24 ea Chest Straps
  • 1 ea Precision Heart Rate Training Book
  • 1 ea Total Heart Rate Training Book
  • 1 ea Heart Education Book
  • 1 ea Heart Rate Chart (laminated)
  • 1 ea Premium Lockable Storage Case w/ Custom Protective Foam Padding

Sport Tips

Which heart rate monitor is right for me?


Strapped monitors provide an automatic, continuous heart rate reading from the chest strap to the wrist monitor. Because of this signal between the two pieces, the reading is more accurate than what is received from a strapless monitor. Strapped monitors can also be synched to certain software for in-depth tracking and analysis.  


Strapless monitors are more comfortable and easier to use as they eliminate the hassle of wearing and properly positioning a chest strap. Users simply place two fingers on the sensor buttons on the face of the watch to receive a current heart rate reading. Some models have one-touch, single-button sensing. Strapless monitors are also more sanitary since there's no need to share straps that must be moistened with water or gel. 


Why should I incorporate heart rate monitors into my class?

Heart rate monitors (HRMs) provide an objective way of:

  • Measuring exercise intensity and duration Provide instant feedback, allowing the user to adjust the intensity level to stay within the target zone.
  • Assessing individual and group fitness levels Record total time spent in, above, and below the target zone for safe and optimal exercise time for students.
  • Documenting progress and improvement Store multiple user files, track progress, and transfer data to a PC for easy class tracking and analysis.

Key Features/Functions of HRMs:

Average Heart Rate The average number of heartbeats per minute measured over a specific time period.

Max Heart Rate The highest recorded heart rate for a given period of time.

Percent of Max Heart Rate Calculates percent range of maximum heart rate based on either actual maximum heart rate or age-predicted heart rate.

Recovery Heart Rate The time it takes and at what heart rate you drop to between or after bouts of activity.

Target Zones The optimal heart rate achieved during exercise, with an alarm that warns if the high or low limits are exceeded.

Time in Target Zone Exercise Time spent between high and low limits.

Total Exercise Time Cumulative time spent exercising since last reset.

Calorie Counter Calculates number of calories expended during exercise.

Data Transfer Transfer of recorded heart rate info to software program for analysis and retrieval.

File Storage Maximum number of personal exercise files the monitor can store.

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