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Bison® Unbreakable Glass Backboard

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The only unbreakable glass backboard design that relieves 98% of stress to the entire system.

  • Support structure absorbs stress from the goal without transferring it to the glass. Goal is mounted "off glass" so even excessive hanging eliminates stress
  • ½" thick cushioned glass
  • Mount features full-length beam with aluminum frame for superior durability
  • Goal leveling feature built into support structure
  • Mounting keyhole slots positioned at 20" vertical and 35" horizontal
  • Hole patterns: 5"W x 4"H on 42"H board; 5"W x 5"H on 48"H board
  • Meets NCAA and NFHS specifications
  • SPECIFY Backboard Pad Color: Scarlet, Orange, Gold, Kelly Green, Forest Green, Royal, Navy, Purple, Columbia Blue, Vegas Gold, Maroon, Cardinal, Burnt Orange, Brown, Gray, or Black
  • Truck delivery

Sport Tips

Which backboard is right for me?

  • Provides clean look of glass without the expense.
  • Thicker acrylic equals better play.
  • Heavier framing around board (aluminum or steel) improves rebounding characteristics.
  • The next best alternative to glass backboards.
  • Indoor/outdoor use.
  • A durable choice, especially for outdoor and side courts.
  • Excellent longevity and strength.
  • Does not have the same playability and rebounding capabilities as other materials.
  • Indoor/outdoor use.
  • Tough, rustproof, and lightest in weight.
  • Does not have the true playability of other material options.
  • A good choice for recreational play.
  • Indoor/outdoor use.
  • The choice for all high school, college, and pro competition.
  • Superior performer for rebounding and durability.
  • Approximately four times as heavy as acrylic.
  • Mass and material dissipates nearly all vibrations.
  • Indoor/outdoor use.

The backboard of choice for high school, college, and pro competition, in official 72"W x 42"H or 72"W x 48"H sizes. Provides more room for play and back shots than fan-shaped backboards. 


A streamlined, noncompetition backboard often used for side-courts and where space is at a premium. Doesn't offer as much space for bank shots as rectangular backboards.  

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