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Gared® Scholastic™ Breakaway Basketball Goal

NFHS Authenticating Mark

Item No. 66-556 / Unit: Ea / Availability: Direct Ship

Ships direct from the supplier 4-3-15


Flex mechanism allows goal to deflect in degrees, according to applied pressure.

  • Single ⅝" high-strength rim with welded-steel rim support; powder-coated
  • Unique stack spring construction delivers consistant rebound
  • Universal hole pattern fits 42"H and 48"H rectangular and fan-shaped front-mount glass backboards
  • Includes mounting hardware and antiwhip nylon net
  • Meets NFHS and NCAA specifications

Sport Tips

Which basketball goal is right for me?

The type of backboard you have determines whether you need a rear-mount or a front-mount goal.

Rear Mount
Rear Mount

For 54"W x 35"H rear-mount steel fan-shaped backboards only. Common in noncompetitive play, side courts, and outdoors.


For all front-mount backboard types, indoors or out.


Primarily for noncompetitive play and often called "fixed" rims. Attach directly to the backboard and don't release when pressure is applied. A good choice for younger players.


For main-court/competitive play. Spring-loaded to bend at an angle (from front to back) when pressure is applied. Positive-lock goals have a mechanism to adjust the amount of force required for release; flex rims do not. 

Single Rim

Good quality, often cost effective. For any backboard. The only chioce for indoor competitive play.  

Double Rim

Stronger than single rim. For any backboard. Use when player-goal contact is likely and especially for outdoor play.  

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