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Carlton® C-100 Recreational Shuttlecocks

90 Overall Rating
Item No. 51-200 / Unit: Tube of 6 / Availability: In Stock
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Ideal for outdoor and school play.

Designed for beginners, with a durable PVC base and injection-molded white nylon skirt. Medium speed.


Fun unit Date:
Overall Rating
These shuttlecocks are wonderful. They are durable, bright and bouncy. The students loved the badminton unit. It was the favorite unit of the year. The students still request to put the shuttlecocks out and play badminton when we have stations.
PEROCKS - PE Professional
Cincinnati , OH
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Consistent and durable shuttlecock Date:
Overall Rating
This shuttlecock has the flight consistancy of a mid grade feather but has unmatched durability. My kids have left them out in the sunlight and rain and the birdies continue to play perfectly. This medium speed model does not play well in breezy conditions, but plays slow enough to help develop reaction and technique in my 6 and 7 year old children. They've played them all summer long and we still haven't had to replace any of them!
Anonymous - Other
Northeast Wisconsin
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Sport Tips

Which shuttlecock is right for me?


Synthetic (plastic or nylon): More durable and slower in flight than feathers; for students and recreational players.


Synthetic: High durability with increased control; for beginners, training, and recreational play.

Natural Cork: Best for controlled flight and racquet rebound; for tournament play. 


Speed refers to how fast and how far a shuttlecock travels through the air, factoring in the varying effects of temperature, altitude, and humidity. 

Slow (Green): For slower-paced play and limited spaces, or for hotter temperatures and higher elevations.

Medium (Blue): For all levels and styles of play, or for moderate temperatures and areas near sea level.

Fast (Red): For higher-speed play, or for colder temperatures and areas below sea level.

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