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Carlton® F1 Ti Shuttlecocks

Item No. 51-052 / Unit: Set of 6 / Availability: In Stock


Our best shuttle is also our most durable!

Tournament-quality shuttle features a skirt made with new oxygenated titanium technology, making this the longest-lasting shuttle you'll buy! Set of 6, medium speed.

Sport Tips

Which shuttlecock is right for me?


Synthetic (plastic or nylon): More durable and slower in flight than feathers; for students and recreational players.


Synthetic: High durability with increased control; for beginners, training, and recreational play.

Natural Cork: Best for controlled flight and racquet rebound; for tournament play. 


Speed refers to how fast and how far a shuttlecock travels through the air, factoring in the varying effects of temperature, altitude, and humidity. 

Slow (Green): For slower-paced play and limited spaces, or for hotter temperatures and higher elevations.

Medium (Blue): For all levels and styles of play, or for moderate temperatures and areas near sea level.

Fast (Red): For higher-speed play, or for colder temperatures and areas below sea level.

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