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Carlton® 313™ Badminton Racquet

60 Overall Rating

Item No. 53-313 / Unit: Ea / Availability: In Stock

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Strong steel racquet, great for institutional use.

  • All-steel head
  • Single tempered-steel shaft
  • All-steel T-piece
  • Nonslip synthetic grip
  • Braided nylon strings
  • 4.4 oz
  • 26"L
  • Colors and graphics may vary


Carlton 313 Date:
Overall Rating
I have seen the price on this racquet go up and down. I would not recommend if your paying over $10.00 ea. Performance is satisfactory. Durability is average to below average. After two years we see the stings breaking and the racquet being useless. For middle school the racquet is ok. Spending a little more will save you money in the long run. Look for specials on higher dollar racquets.
Scott Dynes - PE Professional
Vancouver , WA
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Sport Tips

Which badminton racquet is right for me?

  • Most durable
  • Slightly heavier
  • For all play, especially rugged use
  • Lighter than steel
  • A little easier to control
  • For all play
Composites (graphite and titanium alloys)
  • Very light and extremely rigid
  • Provide the best control
  • For advanced play
  • The traditional shape
  • For all levels of play
  • Modified oval shape
  • Provides a larger sweet spot
  • Offers the largest sweet spot
  • Not for competitive play
  • Single strand of nylon
  • Relatively responsive and strong
  • For all play
Braided Nylon
  • Multiple strands of braided nylon 
  • Stronger and more responsive than single-strand nylon
  • For advanced play
  • Braided steel wire with a thin coating to prevent rust and fraying
  • Strongest but least responsive
  • Ideal for rough use
Single Shaft
  • The traditional design 
  • Lightweight and suitable for all play
Twin Shaft
  • Stronger than single shaft
  • Ideal for rough use
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