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Recreational Badminton Sets

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Just add standards and you are ready to play!

Sets for 4 and 6 courts feature Gopher G1000™ Steel Racquets with Coated-Steel Strings (26"L), Gopher Recreation Nets with 12-ply nylon and ¾" mesh (21' x 30"), and Gopher S1™ Recreational Shuttlecocks in White and Yellow.

Gopher G1000™ Steel Badminton Racquets (16 ea 4-Court Set, 24 ea 6-Court Set)
A great introductory racquet, with durable all-steel construction. Tempered-steel head, single tempered-steel shaft, synthetic-leather grip, and coated-steel strings (4.8 oz). 26"L.

Recreation Badminton Net (4 ea 4-Court Set, 6 ea 6-Court Set)
Nylon net with reinforced headband for versatile recreational play.

Top Cable: Heavy-gauge braided rope
Headband: 1½" reinforced vinyl 
Net: 12-ply nylon, ¾" mesh. Standard size 21' x 30"
Sides: Rope sides and bottom

Gopher S1™ Recreational Shuttlecocks (36 ea 4-Court Packs, 72 ea 6-Court Packs) 
Reliable performance and exceptional durability for recreational and match use. Injection-molded nylon skirt and PVC/EVA-foam base. White and Yellow.

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