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Jaypro™ Aluminum Soccer Goals

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Lighter than steel, rust-proof aluminum square-post goals are the top choice for competition.

  • Official size, 24'W x 8'H x 10'D 
  • 4" x 4" sq aluminum uprights/crossbar with white powder-coat finish
  • Counterweighted 10'D galvanized-steel backstays
  • Sturdy, welded, radiused corners, clean no-bolt facing 
  • New Easy Track net attachment system; net sold separately 
  • Meets NFHS, NCAA, FIFA, and ASTM specifications
  • Truck delivery

Lightweight aluminum.
Significantly lighter (approximately 25%) than steel goals of the same size, for ease of portability.

Rear ground crossbar and steel backstays improve stability and safety. Backstays run back a full 10' for a more stable base, compared to 8' or 9', like most other portable soccer goals.

Meets NFHS, NCAA, FIFA specifications.
These portable soccer goals meet the new ASTM guidelines for portable soccer goal safety and the strict European safety and performance standards.

Easy Track™ net attachment.
Features fast and easy assembly to clip net to goal. Rigid plastic clips fit securely into the Easy Track™, so the net won't slip. Clips are recessed into goal, creating a smooth surface and eliminating broken clips!

Sport Tips

Which soccer goal is right for me?


  • Permanent: Mounts permanently in the ground for maximum stability and safety; won't tip over. Requires digging and cement work.
  • Semipermanent: Mounts into sleeves installed in the ground for excellent stability; safely resists tipping and can be moved off-field as needed. Requires digging.
  • Portable: Placed on the ground, not in it; easy to move. Must be secured with ground anchors for stability.

Post Shape and Material

  • Square: Usually 4" x 4" hollow aluminum posts; lightweight and rust-proof.
  • Rectangular: Usually 4" x 2" hollow steel posts; more economical and very durable.
  • Round: International (or pro-style) usually 3"-4" diameter hollow aluminum posts; absence of 90 degree edges increases player safety, offers truer ball rebound.


  • Regulation: 24'W x 8'H. For competitive play, ages 12+. Typically must be white for official competition.
  • Club (U9-U11): 12'W x 6'6"H, 18'6"W x 6'6"H, or 21"W x 7'H. For nonofficial club play, or competitive play with ages 9-11.
  • Youth (U8 and lower): Smaller than 9'W x 4'6"H. For practice, nonofficial club play, or competitive play with ages 8 and younger.
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