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Wilson® Soccer Balls


Premium match and training balls are designed to last season after season.

Tradtional™. Durable PVC cover with multi-ply polyester and cotton lining for excellent strength, shape-retention, and playability. Butyl bladder.

Copia Due. NCAA replica of the Forte Fybrid with composite leather cover. Thirty-two foam-lined panels provide durability with control. Graphic design offers a unique look. Optic Green and Optic Orange are great for tracking. Butyl bladder. Meets NCAA specifications. Indoor and outdoor use.

Stivale. Fused-panel technology makes this a durable, long-lasting NCAA® Championship-quality ball. Replica of the 2011 NCAA® Championships. Cushioned, foam-backed composite cover is fused for water-proofing and durability. Latex bladder. Meets NCAA® specifications. NFHS Authenticating Mark. Championship-quality ball.

Avanti. Hand-sewn composite cover layered with elastic spandex and soft foam for power and control. Wilson®-engineered elastomeric bladder for performance and shape consistency. Single-layer clear-coat finish protects graphics. Meets NCAA® specifications. NFHS Authenticating Mark.

Sport Tips

Which soccer ball is right for me?

Cover Material

Composite: Offers superior touch and softness. The best for competition.
Polyurethane: Provides a soft touch, with durability and water-resistance. For practice or match play.
PVC: Durable and scuff/water-resistant, but not as soft as polyurethane. For practice and recreation.
Rubber: Waterproof and the most durable, especially on asphalt. Great for institutional use.
Felt/Suede: The softest, friendliest cover material. Exclusively for indoor use.

Bladder Material

C-2: The best touch and rebound, but with improved air-retention due to its mix of carbon and latex.
Latex: Offers superior touch and rebound. Least air-retention quality; requires more frequent filling.
Butyl/Rubber: Retains air exceptionally well and provides uniform pressure dispersion.

Size Recommendations

Size 3: Elementary

Size 4: Middle School

Size 5: Junior High and Up


Size 5: Ages 11 and Up

Size 4: Ages 8 to 11

Size 3:  Ages 8 and Under

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