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ClassPlus™ PowerPlay™ Deluxe Hockey Packs

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Upgraded 24-player packs include double the equipment, plus our new all-steel RinkKing™ Storage Cart!

Get the entire class involved and store everything, goals included, in the all-steel RinkKing™ Floor Hockey Storage Cart. Storage Cart features 1¼" dia tubing to hold the heaviest loads and withstand routine use. Two 4" dia casters and two 12" dia all-terrain wheels allow smooth rolling on almost any surface. Choose the pack with the best stick length/material for your class (includes 24 sticks). Packs also include 4 goalie sticks, 4 RinkPro™ Official Folding Steel Goals, 12 pucks, 4 goggles, 1 RinkKing™ Cart, and game instructions.


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Tough sticks. Great for teenagers. Tough as nails. Can't say same for the cart. Side arms broke first day and top horizontals also broke. Not designed to carry more than just the sticks. Don't put goals on trolley. Also, pins for goals fall out easily.
Lui - PE Professional
Perth , WA
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Sport Tips

Which floor hockey stick is right for me?

To determine the correct size stick, stand with the stick in front of you with the blade on the floor. The butt end of the stick should reach your chin. Typical stick lengths and age ranges are as follows:

30"L Stick
Early Elementary

36"L Stick

42"-45"L Stick
Middle School/Junior High

47"-60"L Stick
Senior High/College

Choose from the following shaft materials.

Wood Shaft
Wood Shaft
  • Stronger and more durable than plastic, with a traditional hockey stick feel.
  • Heavier than other materials and the least flexible.
  • For intermediate and advanced players. 
Aluminum Shaft
Aluminum Shaft
  • Much stronger and more durable than plastic or wood for intense play.
  • Lightweight for easy handling with minimal flexibility.
  • For intermediate and advanced players.
Fiberglass Shaft
Fiberglass Shaft
  • Our most durable stick feels and plays like a traditional hockey stick.
  • Nearly as lightweight as aluminum, with limited flexibility.
  • For intermediate and advanced players.
Plastic Shaft (dowel)
Plastic Shaft (dowel)
  • Reinforced for increased strength and durability.
  • Still lightweight, but more rigid than the hollow shaft.
  • For all levels of play.
Plastic Shaft (hollow)
Plastic Shaft (hollow)


  • Lightweight and very flexible for good control.
  • For beginners.
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