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Floor Hockey Pucks

100 Overall Rating


Customize your game with a variety of materials and colors.

Pucks are available in varying sizes, density, materials, and colors to fit your class needs. 

A. Rainbow® PowerPlay™ Plastic Pucks.  Bright colors quickly organize your activities 2 3/4" dia.

B. Shield® Soft Vinyl Pucks. Flexible vinyl with hollow-core design. 2 3/4" dia.

C. PowerPlay™ PVC Pucks. Durable and safe on all surfaces. 2 3/4" dia.

D. DOM® SuperSafe™ Foam Pucks. Oversized foam puck with tough outer skin.  4" dia. Color varies. 

E. Super Pucks. Four density levels accommodate all ages and abilities from soft to extra firm.  Pellet filling. 3 1/2" dia

F. Felt Slider™ Pucks. Durable 100% wool felt mimics a real puck on ice.  Passes smoothly and handles predictably with minimal bounce or roll.  3" dia.

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