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RinkPro® Goals

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The toughest floor hockey goals in the industry!

Choose from heavy-duty steel goals for the ultimate in durability, lightweight aluminum goals for easy movement and storage, or the strongest ABS goals on the market. Either way, you'll get unmatched 2" diameter tube construction that is the largest and toughest of any goal available. Each goal is equipped with a top shelf (even on folding models!) and convenient side wheels for easy mobility through any doorway...just tip up and roll! Includes extra thick nylon sleeved net with Velcro® fastening system for quick and easy set-up, no stringing required. Easy assembly. Choose from Compact (54"W x 44"H x 34"D) or Official (72"W x 48"H x 34"D) sized goals in Non-Folding or Folding models. Patent pending.

Sport Tips

Which floor hockey goal is right for me?


PVC - Affordable plastic is lightweight and easy to transport.

ABS - Much stronger and more durable than PVC, ABS resists cracking or bending, yet is still lightweight and easy to transport and store.

Steel - The strongest, most durable material will withstand years of use. Great for rugged use and outdoors.

Aluminum - The best of both worlds! Extremely durable yet extremely lightweight for easy transport and storage.

Official vs. Compact

Official goals are the official dimensions for floor hockey and used most with high school and adult players. When space is limited or with younger players, compact goals are the ideal size.

Folding vs. Non-folding

Folding goals store quickly in a limited amount of space. Transporting folding goals from storage to play is a breeze! Non-folding goals require one-time assembly, have no moving parts, and are more stable during play.


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