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SportSkillz™ Floor Hockey Training Station Packs

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Save time with one-of-a-kind packs that are designed to introduce students to the key skills of floor hockey!

Quickly set up 12 stations with all the premium equipment and easy-to-follow instruction needed to successfully teach the fundamentals of floor hockey. Self-direct packs accommodate all ages and require little guidance with the teacher; 18" x 18" (46 cm x 46 cm) Station Boards display instruction for each skill right at the station and Teacher Overview Cards provide detailed implementation and instruction. Keep students practicing their newly-learned skills with an additional 4 group activities! Both packs include 24 PowerPlay™ Reinforced ABS Sticks, 2 PowerPlay™ Reinforced ABS Goalie Sticks, 2 QwikPro™ Pop-Up Goals, 12 PVC pucks, 12 PVC balls, 12 Rainbow® SmartHolder™ cones, 2 Stick Pro™ Hockey Bags, and 1 set of Boards/Cards. Boards/Cards also sold separately. Additional details about each product included in these packs are listed below.

Both Packs include:

PowerPlay™ Reinforced ABS-Shaft Sticks (12 Black, 12 Gray - 36"L / 91 cm in Beginnner, 42"L / 1.05 m in Intermediate)
A tough plastic shaft with a fiberglass dowel provides maximum strength for all ages! Twin I-beam construction reinforced with a tough rectangular fiberglass dowel that contours to the shaft provides ultimate durability. Polyethylene blade.

PowerPlay™ Goalie Sticks, Gray (2 ea - 36"L / 91 cm Reinforced-ABS in Beginner, 42"L / 1.05 m Aluminum in Intermediate)
Durable plastic blade with your choice of shaft material for the best goalie sticks we offer. Rigid blade for peak performance and maximum strength.

QwikPro™ Pop-Up Goals (2 ea - Compact Size in Beginner, Official Size in Intermediate)
Pop-open design makes this the most convenient floor hockey goal on the market! Heavy-duty fiberglass frame quickly springs open so it's instantly ready for use. Nylon sleeve and 2 mm nylon netting hold up to routine use without tearing. Simply twist and fold for takedown and storage in seconds. Fits securely into its included storage bag.

PowerPlay™ PVC Pucks (12 ea)
Durable and safe on all surfaces. 2 ¾" dia (7 cm).

PowerPlay™ PVC Balls (12 ea)
PVC rolls smoothly over multiple surfaces with minimal bounce.

StickPro™ Hockey Bag (1 ea)
Conveniently store and transport sticks up to 56"L (1.4 m)! Heavy-duty 1,600-denier nylon bag holds up to 14 sticks and 25 balls, pucks, and other accessories. Padded shoulder strap for comfort and easy transport. 60"L x 26"W x 4"H (1.5 m x 66 cm x 10 cm).

Rainbow® SmartHolder™ Cones(Set of 12)
Set up stations in seconds with this cone that doubles as a sign holder! Durable 9 ¼"H (23.5 cm) plastic cones feature weighted bottoms and rubber feet for secure placement. Cones are lightweight and stackable for easy storage.

Station Boards/Teacher Overview Cards (1 set)

Sport Tips

Which floor hockey stick is right for me?

To determine the correct size stick, stand with the stick in front of you with the blade on the floor. The butt end of the stick should reach your chin. Typical stick lengths and age ranges are as follows:

30"L Stick
Early Elementary

36"L Stick

42"-45"L Stick
Middle School/Junior High

47"-60"L Stick
Senior High/College

Choose from the following shaft materials.

Wood Shaft
Wood Shaft
  • Stronger and more durable than plastic, with a traditional hockey stick feel.
  • Heavier than other materials and the least flexible.
  • For intermediate and advanced players. 
Aluminum Shaft
Aluminum Shaft
  • Much stronger and more durable than plastic or wood for intense play.
  • Lightweight for easy handling with minimal flexibility.
  • For intermediate and advanced players.
Fiberglass Shaft
Fiberglass Shaft
  • Our most durable stick feels and plays like a traditional hockey stick.
  • Nearly as lightweight as aluminum, with limited flexibility.
  • For intermediate and advanced players.
Plastic Shaft (dowel)
Plastic Shaft (dowel)
  • Reinforced for increased strength and durability.
  • Still lightweight, but more rigid than the hollow shaft.
  • For all levels of play.
Plastic Shaft (hollow)
Plastic Shaft (hollow)


  • Lightweight and very flexible for good control.
  • For beginners.
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