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UltraFit™ CircuitPro™ Kettlebell Circuit Pack

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All the premium kettlebells and instruction you need for the best, class-wide kettlebell circuit!

Build total-body strength with a complete circuit of 16 exercises designed for PE classes. Our premium 18" x 18" UltraFit™ CircuitPro™ Station Boards feature easy-to-follow instruction for proper form and fit securely on our Rainbow® SmartCones™. Instruction also sold separately. Truck delivery on pack.

Pack includes:

  • Set of 12 UltraFit™ Protector Kettlebells - 8 lb (3.75 kg)
  • Set of 12 UltraFit™ Protector Kettlebells - 12 lb (5.5 kg)
  • 1 UltraFit™ Kettlebell Rack
  • Set of 8 two-sided UltraFit™ CircuitPro™ Resistance Tubing Station Boards and Teacher Overview Cards
  • Set of 12 SmartCones™
  • 1 Detonate™ Ignition™ Interval Timer

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