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Portion Size Visual Learning Packs


Interactive ways to teach your students the value of portion size!

Eye-catching material effectively illustrates a healthy portion size vs. today's standard portion size by comparing calories and fat grams. Poster/Banner Packs include polyester cloth Portion Distortion banner and three laminated posters. Class Packs also add Portion Size Me DVD and Portion Size Me, Too! DVD, along with an instructional PowerPoint. All packs are tailored for age groups. Additional details about products included in these packs are listed below.

Poster/Banner Packs

Includes one 4' x 5'6" (1.2 m x 1.7 m) polyester cloth banner and two 18"L x 24"W (46 x 61 cm) laminated posters. Elementary Pack includes Portion Distortion banner and poster, Portion Size Wise poster, and Keep Your Eyes on the Size poster. Junior/Senior High Pack includes: Portion Distortion banner and poster, Portion Puzzle poster, and Fast Food poster.

Portion Size Me and Portion Size Me, Too! DVDs (2 ea)

Documentary DVDs follow two graduate students as they eat exclusively at fast food restaurants for 30 days. Covers portion size, nutritional health, making healthy choices at fast food restaurants, obesity, and more. 25 minutes each. 2006.

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