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ACTION!™ Yuki-Ball™ Set

80 Overall Rating
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Item No. 58-150 / Unit: Set / Availability: In Stock
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Fast-paced, action-packed twist on Capture the Flag indoors or out!

Based on the game Yukigassen (Japanese for "snow battle"), Yuki-Ball™ provides nonstop action any time of the year. Players on offense work to capture the flag or eliminate opponents with white foam "snowballs", while defenders protect their flag and replenish snowballs for their teammates. All players use the Yuki-Ball™ Barriers as protection as they maneuver around the play area. The first team to capture the opponent's flag or to completely eliminate the other team wins! Both sets include 90 coated-foam balls, 7 barriers (six 36"W x 36"H / 91 cm x 91 cm and one 72"W x 36"H / 1.85 m x 91 cm), 2 flags, 2 vinyl cones, 14 pinnies (Red/Blue in Indoor Set, Green/Orange in Outdoor Set), 2 buckets, and activity instructions. Indoor Set includes 3 rolls of floor tape. Outdoor Set's barriers quickly stake into the ground for stability and balls are firmer so they travel farther. Pinnies also available separately so multiple teams can be ready to enter the game and play in seconds.


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Overall Rating
The product was a great pickup for our department. It is an engaging game that steps outside the norm of our programming schedule. One negative with the set-up, however, was with the larger barrier. The fabric would not fully cover the PVC pipe frame. One side had to be left un-velcroed, which made it appear sub-par/broken during the game.
Anonymous - Administrative
Philadelphia , PA
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