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Molten® Super Touch NFHS, NCAA, and USAVB Volleyballs

NFHS Authenticating Mark


Delivers superior performance for high-level competition.

Premium Japanese leather offers ultra-soft, long-lasting game play. Unique cotton-wrapped butyl uni-bladder construction provides unparalleled softness, consistent playability, and exceptional durability. Choose from white (NFHS Authenticating Mark), official ball of NCAA championships, or official ball of USAVB. White and Red/White/Blue balls have NFHS Authenticating Mark.

Sport Tips

Which volleyball is right for me?


Official. Balls are official size and weight for game and practice play with school and professional teams.

Trainer. Balls designed for improved success or friendlier action for younger/beginner players. Sizes and weights vary to focus on specific skills and age groups.


Cover Material

Leather. The best performing, highest-quality material. Top choice for professional, college, and high school games. Indoor use.

Composite. Simulates the performance of leather with a softer feel. Most popular ball for games and practice. Indoor or Indoor/outdoor use.

Rubber. Good playability and the best durability. The economical choice for all-purpose institutional use. Indoor/outdoor use.

Fabric. Player-friendly with soft, nonsting cover. Ideal for introductory skill development. Indoor use.


  • 6" diameter
  • Introductory ball
  • For beginners
  • 8" diameter
  • Regulation ball
  • For games and practice
  • 10" diameter
  • Greater hitting surface and slower speed
  • Great for beginners and skill development
  • 16" diameter
  • Huge, lightweight ball
  • For team games/activities
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