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XLR8® Strength Bags

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Throw, chop, lift, or slam for a versatile workout in each bag!

We're sorry, but the XLR8® Strength Bag Packs are no longer available. Click here to see other options!

Heavy-duty PVC sandbags are pre-filled with dry sand for convenience and feature 4 handles for versatility. Available individually or in sets with an UltraFit™ Steel Sandbag Rack and specialized laminated exercise poster (33"L x 23 ½"W).

Pack of 9—Light. Includes 9 bags (four 5 kg, three 15 kg, and two 20 kg), steel rack, and poster.

Pack of 9—Heavy. Includes 9 bags (four 15 kg, three 20 kg, and two 30 kg), steel rack, and poster.

Sport Tips

Which medicine ball is right for me?

Medicine balls have been a long-time favorite exercise tool for strength and fitness training. Each style of medicine has its own unique benefits.

These 6"-11" dia balls feature grippy rubber or synthetic covers for premium control duting strength training or partner workouts. Our traditional medicine balls:

  • UltraFit™ Classic
  • UltraFit™ Rubber
  • UltraFit™ Enforcer™
  • UltraFit™ Evolution™ Kompact 

Larger 14" dia and surface area is easier to track and control, making them the perfect balls for throwing and catching. Our oversize medicine balls:

  • UltraFit™ Evolution™
  • UltraFit™ Demolition™
  • UtlraFit™ Atlas™

Specifically designed with incredible durability and strength, these balls withstand vigorous slamming workouts. Our slamming medicine balls:

  • UltraFit™ Endurance™
  • UltraFit™ SlamBall™
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