BALLance™ Stability Ball Chair

The unique design features "feet" that keeps the stability ball in place when not in use!


Perfect for classrooms, the BALLance™ Stability Ball Chair has feet to keep it in place when it’s unoccupied, eliminating runaway balls and the need for extra storage equipment. When sat on, the weight of the user causes the feet to retract into the ball, providing instability to help improve balance and core strength.

No More Runaways

Stop runaway stability balls in your classroom! When the balls roll away they can disrupt the class and throw off your organization. You can use these balls in your class to help students improve their focus and their core strength, but they won’t roll away when not in use. Molded-in feet keep the ball in place when no one is sitting on them, and retract up into the ball when students sit on top.

Improve Core Strength

Having an instable ball forces students sitting on it to keep their core moving so they remain stable. Active seating like this has been proven to help improve students’ focus as well, which helps them achieve better results and comprehension. The exercise capability of these balls makes them great for gym class as well as the regular classroom, making them a versatile option.

Quality Design

The chair is made of a durable, burst-resistant material that accommodates up to 500 pounds at once. A slight bit of texture on the top provides better traction.

Chairs are available in 2 sizes: 

  • 45 cm (18” dia): Recommended for younger elementary students or users up to 5'0"H 
  • 60 cm (24” dia): Recommended for older elementary to high school students or users 5'0" to 5'6"H 

They are also available in Rainbow® sets of 6 colors, or individually in blue or red. Rainbow® colors help teachers organize class activities. For example, blue chairs could pair up with red chairs for activities, and yellow with green.

BALLance™ Stability Ball Chair Options

BALLance™ Stability Ball Chairs are available in sets or individually, in 2 sizes.

  • Rainbow® Sets of 6
    • 45 cm (18” dia)
    • 60 cm (24” dia)
  • Individual Sizes
    • 45 cm (18” dia), Red
    • 60 cm (24” dia), Blue
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