Kinesthetic Classroom Elliptical Desk

Innovative new learning and fitness tool improves concentration by keeping students active!


Kinesthetic learning has been shown to improve students’ attentiveness and focus through a steady range of motion that increases blood circulation and brain activity. Smooth, low-resistance elliptical movements enhance cardiovascular endurance without overexertion.

Exercise for All Ages

These low-resistance elliptical machines allow students to work out for an entire class period without being distracted by the difficulty of the exercise. The Varsity Desk option also includes eight adjustable resistance levels, allowing students to increase difficulty if needed.

Students of all ages can benefit from these ellipticals, as they come in different sizes ranging from elementary to high school. You have plenty of options to make sure your class has the equipment that best suits its needs!

Quality Design

Each stand-up desk features a commercial-grade elliptical system attached to the lower part of the unit. The steel frames have been powder coated for extra durability and protection against flaking and rust. Non-slip pedals ensure students can keep their concentration on their work without having to worry about slipping off the unit.

Two Options

Choose from the Standard or Varsity elliptical desk. Standard desks are recommended for elementary and middle school students. They measure 30”L x 24”W x 40”H and weigh 125 lb. Varsity desks feature eight resistance levels for a higher level of activity. They’re recommended for ages 9 and up, measure 28”L x 50”W x 52”H, and weigh 165 lb.

Kinesthetic Classroom Elliptical Desk Options

Kinesthetic Classroom Elliptical Desks are available in sets or individually, in 2 sizes. Tuck delivery.

Standard Elliptical Desk.

  • Individual
  • Set of 6

Varsity Elliptical Desk

  • Individual
  • Set of 6 
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