Kinesthetic Classroom Elliptical Desk

Innovative new learning and fitness tool improves concentration by keeping students active!


Kinesthetic learning has been shown to improve students' attentiveness and focus, through a steady range of motion that increases blood circulation and brain activity. Smooth, low-resistance elliptical enhances cardiovascular endurance without over-exertion. Easy-to-use, with no programming required...just pedal! Commercial-grade elliptical base and steel frame with heavy-duty laminate desktop and integrated 3" dia wheels for mobility. Includes 85-page User's Manual on the benefits of activity and learning. Training and installation available upon request. Truck delivery.

Standard Elliptical Desk. Recommended for elementary through middle school ages.  30"L x 24"W x 40"H; 125 lb.

Varsity Elliptical Desk. With 8 adjustable resistance levels, provides a higher level of activity. Recommended for ages 9 and up. 28"L x 50"L x 52"H; 165 lb.

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