Kinesthetic Classroom Pedal Desks™

Kid-powered pedal desks activate lower-body muscles for continual, unobtrusive movement!


A simple, resistance-free motion design requires no external power source, just an active pair of legs! Designed specifically for educational settings, these desks are available in individual or multi-user stations and feature a fully enclosed design that keeps all moving parts covered.

Build-In Pedals

This desk comes with build-in pedals, allowing students to quietly exercise without disturbing the class or classmates in the room. By constantly moving and burning calories, students will also be better able to focus and concentrate for longer periods of time, which results in better comprehension of instruction and improved scores for all students, especially when compared to sitting all day long.

Easy to Operate

The pedals in the desk are easy to operate and very smooth. They are similar to those used on bikes, with a textured top that allows students to keep their feet on the pedals without a struggle. Because of their ease of use, they can be used by any students age 9 and up. The variety of sizes allows you to easily customize your equipment to your class’s needs.

Built to Last

Each desk is built to withstand years of institutional use. A white, powder-coated steel frame is extremely durable and protected from flaking and rusting. All of the feet on the desk come with rubber end caps, which makes them safe for use on any surface and keeps the desks stable in one place on the floor.

Kinesthetic Classroom Pedal Desk Options

Kinesthetic Classroom Pedal Desks™ are available individually, in single- or multi-student designs. Truck delivery.

  • Single-Student Desks
    • Standard Desk, 40”L x 28”W x 35”H, 58 lb
    • Varsity Desk, 40”L x 28”W x 35”H, 99 lb
  • Multi-Student Desks
    • 2-Student Desk, 54”L x 40”W x 35”H, 116 lb
    • 3-Student Desk, 80”L x 40”W x 35”H, 174 lb
    • 4-Student Desk, 54”L x 80”W x 35”H, 232 lb
    • 6-Student Semi Circle, 63”L x 121”W x 35”H, 285 lb
    • 6-Student Rectangle, 80”L x 80”W x 35”H, 290 lb
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