Stand Steady Tabletop Standing Desk

Our highest quality tabletop desk features a larger, more durable work surface and the easiest height adjustments!


Convenient and economical, the patent-pending design quickly gets students on their feet without having to replace existing classroom desks. In addition, the tabletop doubles the work space, as items can still be placed on the existing deck.

Easy to Use

Turn any desk into a stand-up desk with this equipment! Allowing your students to stand in class improves their overall health and allows them to be more comfortable through moving and adjusting their body however they want. Many studies indicate this also improves student focus, and that they can burn up to 25% more calories throughout the day than they would while sitting.

Simply place this easy-to-use desk on top of your existing desk, adjust it to your height, and you’re ready to go. It is large enough to hold a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and books, and actually increases desk space by more than three square feet because you can put items blow the Stand Steady.

Quality Construction

The unit features an MDF board that’s finished with a water-resistant veneer desk top that is attached to an aluminum frame. As a result, the desk is both lightweight and durable. The feet are soft, non-skid rubber, providing extra stability and preventing any damage from occurring to your current desk tops. These aluminum legs have snap buttons to make height adjustments easy.

The 2 sizes of the desk come in black, cherry, or maple, giving you great-looking options to best match your current desks.

Stand Steady Tabletop Standing Desk Options

Stand Steady Tabletop Standing Desks are available individually in 2 sizes, in 3 colors.

  • Desk Colors
    • Black
    • Cherry
    • Maple
  • Original Desks, 24”L x 20”D surface, 16”L x 15”D footprint, 14 lb
  • Executive Desks, 32”L x 22”D surface, 28”L x 19”D footprint, 18 lb
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